Thad Stuckey

In 2001 Chef Thad Stuckey moved to Charleston to pursue a new culinary dream. A graduate of Trident Technical College, Thad has been working and living in the Charleston area for the past 18 years. He has spent that time working for a number of Charleston restaurant industry professionals, including five years with the Indigo Road restaurant group as the Executive Chef of O-Ku. He will always look at the members of that group including Chef Jeremiah Bacon, Steve Palmer, and Kimball Brienza as people who were directly responsible for his acumen in the industry.
Growing up, Chef Thad was fortunate enough to travel and live in a variety of foreign countries. His love for all food, stems directly from memories of eating in places like Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, France, Eastern Europe, and all over the United States. His culinary path has likewise been a diverse and eclectic one. From Sushi to Classical French cuisine, Thad has made it his mission to master as many international and domestic cuisines as manageable.
His love for food stems not just from his journeys but also from a father and mother who loved to cook at home. Dinners growing up were always an adventure into the unknown, surprisingly more successful than not. His family now resides on Folly Beach, with a brother who is also in the industry here in Charleston.
Thad was recently married to Morgan Calcote, General Manager at FIG restaurant. When they can find time, they enjoy cooking at home, gardening, traveling to places unseen, and planning the rest of their lives together.

24 N. Market St. Charleston, SC