Alexis Carlisle

Front of the house manager Alexis Carlisle grew up in New Hampshire and moved to Charleston in 2014 to be close to family and, of course, to get away from those brutally cold winters. Since she uprooted her life five years ago, she has fallen in love with Southern hospitality and the culinary delights that come along with it. Alexis went to school at Syracuse University in New York with a degree in English, but she couldn’t get away from her first love, the Hospitality Industry.

During her five years in Charleston she has remained loyal and faithful to Wade Boals and Brett Yearout, who she worked under as a server, bartender and manager at the former Noisy Oyster. She created such a bond with the two owners, they asked her to stick around to help open Hooked Seafood. She has a passion for helping staff grow and developing them to their full potential and she’s using that today as one of the vital management team members.

Outside of work, Alexis loves spending time with her husband, David and her daughter, Corinne. She loves to cook, using most of her creative talent when she mixes up a pot of soup

Alexis’ favorite food is oysters and her favorite Hooked dish is the Pan-seared Scallops.

24 N. Market St. Charleston, SC